Glaucoma Care

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Are you newly diagnosed with glaucoma and not sure how to best care for it?  Many people are in the same situation.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with glaucoma, it is likely that your doctor prescribed medication.  Medicine, usually in the form of pills or eye drops, are a common early treatment for glaucoma.  These eye drops can lower eye pressure or cause the eye to reduce the level of fluid buildup.

It is important to take medicine as scheduled by your doctor, say the experts at Eyecare MPLS in Minneapolis.  While most people report little or no problems with glaucoma medications, some patients reports side effects that may include headaches or stinging in their eyes.  If you experience side effects, you should report these to your doctor.

Your ophthalmologist will provide detailed glaucoma treatment instructions.  If you need further information or have questions about your treatment, please call Eyecare MPLS at 612-470-9871 for assistance.



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